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What are Thailand Visa Requirements for UAE Residents


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How to get Thailand visa for UAE Residents. Understand the visa requirements for Thailand for expats living in the UAE.
thailand visa for uae residents
Ahlan wa Sahlan! If you’re a citizen from the United Arab Emirates and have been eagerly waiting to travel to Thailand, I’ve got some exciting news for you!
Thailand has lifted all its restrictions and entry requirements for UAE citizens.
You can now visit the Land of Smiles just like before the pandemic. So, are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?

Important Information on How to Get Thailand visa for UAE Residents:

Now, let’s go through the essential details you need to know before planning your trip.
The good news is, you no longer need to show proof of Covid insurance, and all mandatory hotel quarantines have been removed.
Additionally, the Thailand Pass is no longer required for Emirati travelers entering the country.
If you’re vaccinated, you won’t need to provide proof of vaccination before arrival.
However, if you are unvaccinated, you will need to complete an RT-PCR or Pro-ATK test 72 hours before your departure.
No worries, though, you won’t need to upload the proof before traveling.
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Important to Note:

It’s important to note that airlines and Thai Immigration will randomly check if travelers meet the Covid prevention requirements.
So make sure you have your vaccination certificate or Covid test ready.
Also, the good news is that wearing masks is no longer compulsory, and the TM6 arrival card has been temporarily removed when entering Thailand.

Required Documents:

Now, let’s talk about the documents you’ll need for your trip.

Make sure to have your passport, visa (if required), travel insurance, flight itinerary, and hotel booking.

If you’re vaccinated, keep your vaccination record with you, and if unvaccinated, have the Covid-19 test result from within 72 hours before your departure.

Entering into Thailand:

Entering Thailand is quite straightforward for UAE citizens.
ou can visit Thailand without a visa through the Visa Exemption Program, allowing you to stay up to 30 days as a tourist, with a possible extension for an additional 30 days.
However, if you want to stay longer or for other purposes, various Thailand Visa services are available for you.

Thailand Visa Application:

How to get Thailand Visa for UAE Residents you need fill Thai visa application, download the application form here for Thai visa.
You will need to:
  1. Type the required information in the form, handwritten application form will not be accepted.
  2. Print 2 copies of the completed visa application form.
  3. Collect the required documents required for the visa application that you are applying for.
Take your visa application and required documents to the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulates located in the United Arab Emirates.

Royal Thai Embassy, Abu Dhabi
Villa 65, Al Shumous Street, End of Dihan Street, Street No.21, Al Zafranah Area, Near Abu Dhabi General Headquarters, the General Directorate of Central Operations, Traffic & Patrol Directorate, Abu Dhabi
Contact details: +971 2 557 6551 or

Royal Thai Consulate-General, Dubai
Villa 35, Al Jali Street, Community 366 Umm Suqeim 3, P.O. Box 51844 Dubai, the United Arab Emirates Near Raffles International School West. (Opposite Jumeirah Beach Hotel)
Contact Details: +971 4 348 9550 or

Thailand Elite Visa:

If you’re looking for a long-term option, consider the Thailand Elite Visa, allowing you to live in Thailand for 5, 10, or even 20 years.
This visa comes with several benefits and simplifies the process compared to other long-term visas.

Flights to Thailand:

Flight lanes have reopened, and Dubai, as a major transit hub for international flights in and out of Asia, is buzzing with opportunities for Emirati visitors.
options for Spain to Thailand are:

Vaccination Requirement for Visiting Thailand:

For entering Thailand, vaccinated travelers won’t need a Thailand Pass anymore, while unvaccinated travelers will need to complete a Covid test before departure.
Flight lanes are open again, making it easy for UAE citizens to find flights to Thailand through Dubai, a major transit hub.

TM6 Arrival Card:

Once you arrive in Thailand, remember to wear masks in public places as a sign of respect to the locals.
The government has temporarily removed the TM6 Arrival Card, but it’s best to have your documents, such as vaccination certificates or test results, prepared to speed up processing and random checks.

Ahlan Bikum fi Thailand:

With all this information at your fingertips, you’re ready to plan your perfect getaway to Thailand.
Whether it’s a week, a month, or even a year, Thailand is waiting to welcome you with open arms for that post-Covid holiday you’ve been dreaming of.


Do UAE citizens need a visa to visit Thailand?
UAE citizens can apply for a Tourist Visa from the Thai embassy or consulate.
There is a 60-day tourist visa that can be extended for additional 30 days, and the 90-day Special Tourist Visa (STV), which allows two 90-day visa extensions at the local immigration office.
Does Travelling to Thailand require travel insurance?
Yes, you can visit Axa Insurance for more information.
How to apply Thailand tourist visa online for UAE residents
You need fill Thai visa application, download the application form here for Thai visa.
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