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Dubai Parking SMS Format: A Convenient Way to Pay for Parking


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Parking in Dubai can be a hassle, but with the convenience of SMS payment formats, the process has become simpler and more efficient.
dubai parking sms format

Dubai parking SMS format Innovative Parking Revolution

Dubai parking SMS format boasts an impressive road infrastructure and transportation network.
A fact that’s widely acknowledged.
An intriguing aspect of this is the meticulously designed parking system, strategically placed to manage traffic flow and reduce congestion.
Parking fees are tailored to specific lots, determined by the area and duration of use.
Failure to pay or extend parking time incurs hefty fines.
However, there are silver linings, like weekends and public holidays, when parking is complimentary, offering a welcome relief to drivers.

Sun-Powered Solutions: Dubai’s Eco-Friendly Parking Innovations

Dubai is renowned for its commitment to sustainability, particularly in harnessing solar energy.
Unlike conventional parking meters, those in Dubai operate on solar power, featuring solar panels atop each meter.
Another eco-friendly alternative involves digital payment, eliminating the need for paper receipts.
This not only conserves paper but also streamlines the parking process.
Sparing the hassle of shuttling between meter and vehicle to display the receipt on the dashboard.

RTA’s mParking Transforming Dubai parking SMS format

If you’ve fully embraced a digital lifestyle, the Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) has an exciting update.
Introducing mParking, an innovative e-service by the RTA that enables convenient parking fee payment in Dubai through SMS.
The initial step involves composing a message following a specific format for the SMS submission
Consider this example to guide you on the structure of your SMS: Plate Number: C54321 Zone: 343C Duration: 1 (representing the parking ticket’s validity period)
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Dubai parking SMS format Understanding Zones and Ticket Options

The parking fee varies according to the zone, hence it’s essential to note this distinction.
Look for the orange paid-parking sign positioned along the footpath to easily spot the parking zone.
dubai parking sms format
Specifically in zone A, you have the option of selecting a parking ticket valid for 30 minutes.
In your SMS, for the duration section, you can indicate this as ½, .5, .50, 0.5, 0.50, 30, 30min, 30mins, 30minute, or 30minutes. For instance.
C54321 343A
0.5 represents the specified format for zone A parking duration, applicable exclusively to this zone.
For vehicles not registered in Dubai, the SMS format varies slightly.
Requiring the inclusion of the Emirate prefix or the country code.

For instance:

For an Abu Dhabi plate: AUH14 54321 343A 1
For a Sharjah plate: SHJ2 54321 343A 1

dubai parking sms format

Effortless SMS Parking Payments: How to Use 7275 for Dubai Parking Fees”

After composing your message with precision.
You can dispatch the SMS to 7275, the designated parking number for paying the Dubai parking fee via SMS.
Following the message’s transmission.
A confirmation code will promptly indicate the success or failure of the transaction.
Contingent upon the sufficiency of your talk-time or SMS balance on your phone.

Effortless Dubai Parking Ticket Extensions

Its notable aspect of mParking is its reminder function, alerting you 10 minutes before your parking ticket expires.
Extending your parking ticket is simple respond to the text message with “Y,”.
It will automatically renew the ticket for the same duration.
Should you wish to modify the parking ticket’s duration, you’ll need to compose and send a new SMS.
For motorbike riders, utilizing mParking’s e-services follows the same format, with the addition of a “B” prefix at the start. For instance: B AUH14 12345 335A 1.
The parking fee is determined by the parking zone and the duration of your parking ticket.
Additionally, an SMS charge of 0.30 fils is deducted.
To bypass these SMS charges, you can opt for RTA’s smart application, integrating an inbuilt parking system.
Access this, download the RTA Dubai App and recharge your account through nol card, mPay, or ePay.
Beyond facilitating parking payments, this app aids in locating parking spots and maintaining transaction histories.
Moreover, utilizing the app earns you loyalty points, convertible to nol card balance or discounts via e-Vouchers at various Dubai cafes, restaurants, shopping outlets, and entertainment venues.

Seamless Parking Payments with mParking

Paying for your parking ticket couldn’t be simpler, Habibi.
For further details or inquiries about mParking, feel free to reach out to the RTA at 800-9090. They’ll gladly assist you with any questions you may have.


In conclusion, Dubai’s parking system has evolved significantly with the introduction of mParking, offering a seamless and convenient way to handle parking payments. The integration of solar-powered meters, SMS-based payments, and an intuitive mobile app has revolutionized the parking experience, aligning with Dubai’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.


Simply send a text message with your vehicle plate number, desired duration, and parking zone to the specified number provided at the parking location.
The charges are typically based on the parking duration and zone, similar to traditional payment methods.
Yes, you can easily extend your parking time by sending another SMS with the updated duration to the provided number.
Yes, this system is widely implemented across various parking zones in Dubai.
As of now, the system functions smoothly, but it’s always advisable to ensure a stable network connection for successful transactions.
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