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Volvo Xc90 Price In Dubai


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Are you in the market for a luxury SUV that combines style, comfort, and performance?
volvo xc90 price in dubai

Volvo xc90 price in Dubai Guide to Luxury on Wheels

Volvo xc90 price in Dubai look no further than the Volvo XC90.
In this article, we’ll explore the Volvo XC90 price in Dubai.
Its features, and why it’s a top choice for those.
Who demand the best in automotive excellence.

Volvo xc90 price in dubai Introduction

The Volvo XC90 is a true masterpiece on wheels.
A luxury SUV that effortlessly blends Scandinavian elegance with cutting-edge technology.
Whether you’re a resident of Dubai or just passing through.
The Volvo XC90 is a vehicle that commands attention and respect.

The Volvo XC90: A Closer Look

The Volvo XC90 is more than just a car; it’s an experience.
With a sleek and sophisticated design.
This SUV exudes class and confidence.
The spacious interior is adorned with high-quality materials.
volvo xc90 price in dubai
Ensuring a comfortable and inviting ride for you and your passengers.

Volvo XC90 Price in Dubai

When it comes to luxury vehicles, pricing is an essential factor.
The Volvo XC90 price in Dubai varies depending on several factors.
Including the model year, trim level, and optional features you choose.
On average, you can expect the starting price to be around AED 240,000.
However, it’s essential to visit a Volvo dealership in Dubai for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Why Choose the Volvo XC90 in Dubai?

volvo xc90 price in dubai
Volvo is renowned for its commitment to safety.
The XC90 is no exception.
It comes equipped with a range of advanced safety features.
Making it one of the safest SUVs on the road.

Volvo xc90 price in Dubai and Performance

The Volvo XC90 offers impressive performance.
With a range of engine options to suit your preferences.
Whether you prefer power or efficiency.
There’s an engine for you.

Volvo xc90 price in Dubai and Technology

The XC90 is packed with the latest tech.
From a user-friendly infotainment system to advanced driver-assistance features.
Stay connected and in control while on the road.


The interior of the XC90 is a sanctuary of comfort.
volvo xc90 price in dubai
With high-quality materials, ergonomic seats.
And plenty of space for passengers and cargo.
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The XC90: Trim Levels and Options

The Volvo XC90 comes in various trim levels.
Allowing you to tailor your SUV to your preferences.
From the Momentum to the Inscription.
Each trim level offers different features and luxuries.
Additionally, there are numerous optional packages and accessories to enhance your XC90 further.

Recharge Plug-In Hybrid Models

Volvo has been committed to sustainability.
This commitment extends to the XC90.
The XC90 Recharge Plug-In Hybrid models offer a combination of electric and gasoline power.
It provides an eco-friendly driving experience.
With these models, you can enjoy the benefits of electric power for short trips.
And switch to gasoline for longer journeys.

Enhanced Infotainment

Volvo has revamped the infotainment system in the XC90 to stay competitive with the latest technology.
The Sensus infotainment system now includes a more intuitive interface.
Faster response times, and improved connectivity options.
It’s compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
Ensuring you can seamlessly integrate your smartphone with the car’s systems

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

Volvo continues to push the boundaries of safety with its advanced driver-assistance systems.
The XC90 now features an enhanced Pilot Assist system.
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That offers semi-autonomous driving capabilities.
It assists with steering, acceleration.
And braking, providing added confidence on long highway journeys.

Exquisite Design Options

For those who appreciate the finer details.
Volvo offers a range of design options to make your XC90 uniquely yours.
These include various interior color schemes and a choice of wood inlays.
Allowing you to create a personalized and luxurious interior that suits your tastes.

Volvo xc90 price in Dubai and Volvo On Call

With the Volvo On Call app, you can remotely control various functions of your XC90.
Start the engine, lock or unlock the doors.
Check the fuel level, and even pre-condition the cabin for your comfort.
This feature adds convenience to your daily life.
Ensures your XC90 is ready when you are.

Hybrid Efficiency

Volvo has made significant strides in optimizing the XC90’s hybrid powertrains for efficiency.
Whether you opt for the T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid or the mild-hybrid options.
You’ll benefit from improved fuel economy without compromising on performance.

Unveiling Scandinavian Excellence in Dubai

The Volvo XC90 stands as a remarkable embodiment of Scandinavian design and excellence amidst the opulence of Dubai.
With its sleek and sophisticated exterior.
This luxury SUV commands attention on the city’s vibrant streets.
The distinct, iconic Thor’s Hammer LED headlights not only illuminate the path ahead.
But also symbolize the fusion of innovation and elegance that the XC90 represents.
Inside, the XC90 boasts a spacious and meticulously crafted cabin, adorned with high-quality materials.
Genuine wood accents, supple leather upholstery, and the crystal gear shifter exemplify.
The level of attention to detail in this Scandinavian masterpiece.
As you step into the XC90 in Dubai, you can’t help.
But appreciate the harmonious blend of minimalist aesthetics and cutting-edge technology that define this SUV.
It’s more than a vehicle; it’s an experience that showcases.
The beauty of Scandinavian design in a city that appreciates luxury like no other.

Advanced Recharge Models: Electrifying the Future

Volvo has been making significant strides in the electric vehicle market.
The XC90 is no exception. The latest versions of the XC90 come with advanced Recharge plug-in hybrid models.
These models offer not only the luxury and performance you’d expect from an XC90.
But also the added benefit of electric power.
With a Recharge XC90, you can enjoy emissions-free driving during shorter trips.
Then seamlessly switch to gasoline power for longer journeys.
It’s a nod to Volvo’s commitment to sustainability.
A response to the growing demand for eco-friendly driving solutions in Dubai and beyond.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Volvo is keeping the XC90 up-to-date with the latest technology.
The Sensus infotainment system has undergone significant improvements in terms of speed and functionality.
It now boasts a more intuitive interface, faster response times, and seamless connectivity with your smartphone.
The system is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
Allowing you to effortlessly integrate your smartphone into the car’s infotainment system.
This means you can access your favorite apps, make calls, and enjoy music with ease.


The Volvo XC90 price in Dubai may vary, but the luxury and quality it offers are consistent. If you’re seeking a top-tier luxury SUV that excels in safety, performance, and technology, the XC90 is an excellent choice. Visit a Volvo dealership in Dubai to explore your options and experience the elegance and innovation of the Volvo XC90 for yourself.


The starting price for the Volvo XC90 in Dubai is approximately AED 240,000, but it can vary based on your choice of model year, trim level, and optional features.
Yes, the Volvo XC90 is renowned for its safety features and is an excellent choice for families seeking a secure and comfortable ride.
Absolutely, Volvo offers various optional packages and accessories to personalize your XC90 according to your preferences and needs.
The Inscription trim level is often considered the most luxurious, with additional features and design elements that exude elegance.
Fuel efficiency can vary depending on the engine choice. The XC90 offers both power and efficiency, so you can select an engine that suits your needs.
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