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9 Examples of Communication Objectives


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OBJECTIVES are key to communication and therefore all of your marketing and sales initiatives. Too often we mix up the purpose of what we are
9 Examples of Communication Objectives
Communication objectives encompass the intended achievements of messages or communication initiatives. They serve to pinpoint your target audience, shape the content of messages, and assess outcomes. The concept of communication objectives has wide-ranging applicability across domains like marketing, sales, intellectual endeavors, artistic creations, public speaking, administrative practices, as well as organizational management and guidance. The ensuing instances provide illustrative depictions of communication objectives.

1. Leadership

Getting people moving in the same direction to achieve a common goal. For example, reducing resistance to change.

2. Motivation

Motivating people to improve results such as productivity.

3. Knowledge

Conveying knowledge. For example, a training objective that everyone understand several foundational concepts at the end of a session.

4. Influence

Influencing actions. For example, an employee with an objective to change a team’s strategy.

5. Persuasion

Selling an idea. For example, a public speaker who would like to change minds about a particular topic.

6. Entertainment

Entertaining an audience with music, art, humor or storytelling.

7. Demand Generation

Generating interest in a product or service.

8. Brand Awareness

Developing brand recognition and brand awareness such as top of mind.

9. Transaction

Getting to yes to close commercial transactions such as a sale or partnership agreement.
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