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Dubai to Ajman Bus Timings


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In the bustling metropolitan landscape of the United Arab Emirates.
dubai union to ajman bus timing

dubai union to ajman bus timing and services

dubai union to ajman bus timing it’s crucial to be well-informed to plan your day efficiently.
Buses typically run at regular intervals throughout the day.
Starting as early as 5:30 AM and concluding around 11:00 PM.
This frequent service ensures that you have flexibility in choosing the most suitable time for your trip.

Dubai union to ajman bus timing and Station.

dubai union to ajman bus timing
Heading to various destinations.
The Union Bus Station in Dubai is a primary hub for buses.
Including Ajman.
It’s advisable to arrive at this central location.
To catch your bus comfortably.

Al Bustan

This is one of the prominent bus stops in Ajman.
Where you can disembark and explore the city’s attractions.
Including the Ajman Museum and Ajman Corniche.

Dubai to Ajman Bus Fare

The cost of a one-way ticket.
For this journey is quite reasonable.
Making it an economical choice for travelers.

Ajman Public Transport

Ajman offers an efficient and well-connected public transport system.
Making it easy to move around the city once you arrive.

Planning Your Journey from dubai union to ajman bus timing 

To make your journey as smooth as possible, consider the following tips.
Check Timetables: Confirm the most up-to-date bus schedules.
Online or at the bus station.
Ensure that you are aware of any changes that might occur.
Arrive Early: It’s always a good practice to arrive at the bus station.
A little earlier than the scheduled departure time.
This allows you to secure your seat and avoid last-minute rushes.
Payment Options: Be prepared with the correct fare.
Or a rechargeable transportation card.
As cash payment might not always be available.

Comfort Essentials: Carry essentials like water, snacks, and entertainment.

To keep yourself comfortable during the journey.


Alternatively, without your own vehicle.
There in an Intercity Bus route.
Making it straight forward for travellers from Dubai to get to Ajman.
The E400 bus runs every 30 minutes from Dubai’s Union Metro Station to Ajman, Union National Bank (near to the Ajman Museum).
The journey takes around 50 minutes and costs 12 AED.
Tickets should be purchased in the metro station or using a NOL card.
Services start at 4:30 am and run until 11:30 pm (5 am Friday’s).


In 2019 a new direct route was introduced from Dubai to Ajman, the E411.
The E411 travels between Etisalat Metro Station and Ajman Bus Station.
There are 7 stops on this route from Dubai to Ajman.
It operates between 5:00 am to 11:16 pm.
The E411 bus departs every 30 minutes.
The journey takes 49 minutes You can pay the 12 AED fare with Nol card.
dubai union to ajman bus timing

Wi-Fi on Board

Stay connected during your journey .
With Wi-Fi services available on some Dubai to Ajman buses.
You can catch up on work, browse the internet, or simply stay entertained during the ride.

Carpool Lanes for Faster Commutes

In a bid to reduce traffic congestion.
Dubai and Ajman have introduced carpool lanes for buses.
Allowing them to bypass some traffic and provide a more efficient commute.

Multilingual Assistance

If you’re a tourist or a non-Arabic speaker.
You’ll be pleased to know that many bus conductors and staff members are multilingual.
They can assist you in English and other common languages.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Dubai and Ajman are committed to sustainability.
The bus services in these cities are part of eco-friendly initiatives.
Contributing to cleaner air and a greener future.

Ajman’s Hidden Gems: Bus Stops Near Attractions

Many bus stops in Ajman are strategically located near popular attractions.
Such as the Ajman Museum and Ajman Corniche.
Plan your trip to explore these hidden gems conveniently.

Family-Friendly Travel

Traveling with kids?
Dubai to Ajman buses are family-friendly.
With designated seating areas for families and facilities for strollers.
Ensuring a comfortable journey for parents and little ones.

Real-Time Tracking Apps for Convenience

Stay in the loop with real-time bus tracking apps.
Downloadable on your smartphone.
These apps provide accurate information on bus locations.
dubai union to ajman bus timing
Estimated arrival times, and potential delays.

Night Owls Rejoice: 24-Hour Bus Services

For those who need to travel between Dubai and Ajman during unconventional hours.
There are 24-hour bus services available.
This option caters to night-shift workers and late-night travelers.

Express Bus Services for a Quick Commute

Dubai to Ajman offers express bus services.
That can significantly reduce your travel time.
These buses have limited stops.

Dubai Union Bus Station Amenities

Explore the amenities available at the Dubai Union Bus Station.
Including waiting areas, dining options, and restrooms.
To make your pre-journey experience more pleasant.
These additional headings provide further insights into Dubai Union to Ajman Bus Timings.
Highlighting specific services and factors that can enhance your commuting experience.
Whether you’re traveling for work, leisure, or specific needs.
This information ensures a well-informed and convenient journey.


The travel time can vary depending on traffic conditions, but it generally takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes.
While there are no exclusive tourist buses, the regular intercity buses serve both residents and tourists.
No, the Nol card is specific to Dubai’s public transportation system. You’ll need to use the relevant payment method for intercity bus travel.
As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there were no dedicated night buses. However, it’s best to check the latest schedules for any updates.
Discounts for students or seniors might be available, but they can vary. It’s advisable to inquire about any such discounts at the bus station or through official channels.
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